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“My dream is that I can say within 5 years: “I’ve really made a step forward in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. We’ve managed to turn it into a chronic disease and were able to postpone misery of quite a few patients for a long period of time. That is my dream, as it really is a horrible aggressive disease.” 

These are the words of the rather realistic surgeon professor dr. Casper van Eijck. It is clear that he is a man with a mission: to make one of the most aggressive kinds of cancer at least bearable and preferably chronic. Describing the seriousness of pancreatic cancer, he adds: As a rule, it mostly appears on top of the pancreas.  It is one of the most aggressive kinds of cancer. We know that 95% of the patients will die of this aggressive kind of cancer within the year.  I think that 1 out of ten people survive.”

That is why he set up a group of top researchers and physicians in the university hospitals  Erasmus MC and Leiden University Centre. Professor Van Eijck has also connections with his counterparts in Amsterdam University Centre.All of them have a common goal: to develop an effective oncolytic viro-immune therapy.

The knowledge is the basis for further research; financing the research is desperately needed. More information is on social media and on

Janny Kok supports the fundraising campaign by contributing texts and through PR activities. Another kind of participating journalism. 

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