Double Dutch or proper English

Individual speech support course

THE FEELING may be recognizable: you are invited as keynote speaker at a congress in English, but you do not feel at ease in the English language. Fear not: Janny’s help is underway. She has taught English fluency before and likes to do it again. It may be an opportunity to brush up your English with the help of a certified Anglophile. 

Please find more details (half in Dutch, half in English) at contact her via  +31104196291 or e-mail 

My background as a certified Anglophile:

At best, a journalist should be curious, a storyteller and an entertainer. I was not aware that I had all these characteristics in me when I took my first steps on the journalistic career ladder. “Curiosity kills the cat”, as the saying is but I’ve found that my questions to international news sources and their responses mainly as a learning process. In all those years I’ve contributed to Dutch dailies and special interest magazines and online publications, UK-based special interest magazines and internet-based publications for the maritime industry. I’m no novice in co-hosting on congresses and – briefly at a local radio station – and in writing for in-house magazines and newsletters for Dutch provincial authorities and for the Dutch Shortsea Promotion Centre.

News sources and editors who commission me keep me sharp to provide quality work. Priority number one is to be reliable and contribute just in time, if not earlier. I consider my multi-tasking work as added value. 

My work is done in my Kok-pit in Rotterdam, but it takes me further down in the Netherlands and to London and environs as well. It is always a pleasure meeting old colleagues from the good old Fairplay times and others at HCB, The Loadstar, Tankcontainer Magazine and many more. RTV Rijnmond, Open Rotterdam, and AD colleagues know about me and my capabilities as well.