Time for action

Time for action

. . . .also in action on Skype as harbourexpert and other social media


Apparently the Dutch government has a funny way to stop independent workers from earning a living.No benefits, no support whatsoever. Dutch journalists call for action.

I'm happy being occasionally hired by Management Producties to act as roving reporter at its congresses. The executive arm of the Dutch ministry of Transport - Rijkswaterstaat - has taken me on as such twice. 

The latest action was doing the act at the traditional dinner of Rotterdam-based ship agents' association VRC

Janny Kok op Havencongres


YouTube unveiles more of congress work in progress and other topics of port related activities. 


Bridging the gaps:



The plan to construct an out of the ordinary bridge has been materialised. Please go to www.luchtsingel.nl , my page on Facebook and other social media for more information.


Husband Jaap and I were amongst the Rotterdammers who contributed to the materialisation of the bridge - called Luchtsingel (Air Canal) - and were present to open Luchtsingel officially and for years to come on the bridge.


Talking about connections: another one has opened between the Wilhelminapier and the Katendrecht district in Rotterdam;l a bridge that already has a nickname. It refers to the old days when Katendrecht was known as a red light district.


The story of my life

life to shortRadio Rijnmond asked me to tell the story of my youth for the programme Zonder Eten Naar Bed (roughly translated Out to Bed You Go). In the Dutch announcement of the item That's the Way I grew Up (Zo ben ik groot geworden), it was mentioned that, at times, I felt like a guide dog. Curious to know how that felt?  Please go to http://t.co/ybvAJdZn

Unfortunately, top brass of Radio Rijnmond decided to axe the programme in an attempt to economise on expenditure. The producers of Zonder Eten Naar Bed have unsuccessfully defended the programme they've loved to make. So much for appreciation of the work done.


South African trip

Late 2013 Janny and husband Jaap were  about to meet old friends and relatives in South Africa. That would happen early 2014. Unfortunately Jaap passed on 17th February, 2014. He is sadly missed at this end and in Johannesburg and environs. It will take time before Janny will meet nurse Sibungili who works at one of the projects close to migrant hostels dr. Joop Lensink supervises and others in Soweto and elsewhere in South Africa. Husband Jaap was fundraiser of these projects. Sibungili and another old friend Mr. Patrick (former sales manager of Nestlé) admit that progress is made slowly but surely. These two friends set the example of strong people who cooperate to help others to help themselves. themselves.

Zuid Afrika

However, in fact it is a shame that the South African government stipulates that pupils of primary and secondary schools should wear school uniforms and matching shoes, but does not provide the facilities for the really poor to acquire these items.Without the proper attire they cannot attend classes. 

PREVIOUS actions of the Drag Anchor carrier Janny (please read elsewhere on this site for further explanation) still go on. She still supports the idea of making the statue in dedication of the Unknown Docker reality. The idea of materialising the statue Unknown Docker - made by Sandy Warnaar - is supported by top brass in Rotterdam. The scheme as to how to do it is still under discussion. 

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam

Another initial successful venture was promoting to get the outside of Cruise Terminal Rotterdam prettier, the way the parking lot is enclosed in particular. Potted plants alongside the parking lot and elsewhere at the Wilhelminapier area, have done a world of good.  

Welwyn Garden City look-alike Vreewijk

Janny also embarked projects in her own home suburb Vreewijk; the oldest but one Welwyn Garden City look-alike in the Netherlands. There is quite a lot going on in Vreewijk in wild anticipation on the celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2016. Read all about it at Natturlijk Vreewijk and at Ondernemend Vreewijk:


On the agenda is improving business and life at the green district of Rotterdam. VOV_Vreewijk is on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Read all about further slightly personal and businesslike developments at Janny's page on Facebook, at LinkedIn and elsewhere on social media.

 New assignments

Janny reads more than one daily, and writes for more than just the one special interest paper. She sympathises with Fokke & Sukke, who plead to be published. Please go to www.foksuk.nl to learn more about these out of the ordinary birds and their creators.Fokke en Sukke

More details @ this website can be found by clicking the button Work.

The latest publications which are likely to commission Janny on a more regular base are the UK based, such as the publications of Riviera Maritime Media. Dutch-based publisher Yellow & Finch issues a number of English special interest magazines. Janny has contributed to Port Industry.

The American-based Breakbulk Magazine turned out to be a 'one night stand'. Lesson learned at this end: stick to working for the British and the Dutch

Please watch this space or that at Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Call for protection of copyrights and more . . . .

eerlijk deel

OR FAIR SHARE . . . .the Dutch union of journalists NVJ has started the campaign Fair Share (Eerlijk Deel) in an attempt to safeguard the rights of both publisher and freelance contributor. NVJ proposes to introduce a surcharge on top of the regular rate per contribution of a freelance journalist or photographer, in an attempt to solve the problem of forced assignment of rights by contract the publisher wants freelance to sign.

As it is, publishers such as National Geographic, Sanoma and IHS claim these rights for free. It is up to freelance contributors take the the liability of their work, which is in danger to be deformed by others. "We won't twist your arm", publishers say, but warn that contributors who do not sign the contract will be not commissioned. At least, Dutch junior minister Fred Teeven is aware of the copyright subject and plans to adapt legislation. It is still time for action! 


Dutch-based foundation Afrikaad has a heart beating for the people of the Republic of Ghana and all things related to that country and West-African environs. Foundation president Aad van der Munnik brought Ghana home through importing Ghanaian arts and crafts to the Netherlands, thus building up a business network of Ghanaian artists and craftsmen. In the process Van der Munnik and his wife Willy Schols found their core business in Ghana: that of contributing to further developing education and that offering other practical help for the benefit of people living in Ghana. Please find them at the social medium Facebook and in real life at art fairs in the Netherlands and closer to their hometown Barendrecht (close to Rotterdam).Funtumtrafo

Afrikaad's logo Funtumfrafo  one of the Akan symbols  stands for unity in diversity, and the oneness of humanity in spite of the differences. It is symbolised in the many-headed crocodile with a single stomach.It is no surprise that Funtumfrafo is in the minds and hearts of all involved in the foundation Afrikaad: both in the Netherlands and in Ghana and elsewhere in West-Africa. Please go to http://www.afrikaad.com to find more about the work of the couple Van der Munnik/Schols and their friends close to home and far away. 


Maritime female senior managers in action

WISTA The Netherlands president Karin Orsel was elected WISTA International president. Three cheers for a tough lady! She has chaired  WISTA International meetings of WISTA members based all over the world. Read all about it on LinkedIn and Facebook. WISTA welcomes WISTA members to join the groups on these two social media. Janny has stepped down as WISTA member, but will remain a fan of this international female network.