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Introducing a multi-tasking freelance journalist

Beware: this is just a summary of Janny Kok’s activities.  FREELANCE journalist Janny Kok in Rotterdam is more or less well-known in the maritime cluster circles.  Being interested in everything under the sun, I cover virtually everything. It is shown in various international publications, input to radio and TV networks and production companies.  Among them
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Rotterdam the city to come back to

“Onboard Smaragd,  we appreciate networking, but please allow us to tell something about the leading European port Rotterdam is”, I’ve told visiting delegates on board the special passengers vessel, adding “when we talk about the port, it is in terms of large, larger largest. It is about container carriers of over 13,000 TEU, the longest
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In week 11 of this year the Dutch maritime industry was in focus on Dutch radio station NPO1 in the programme Spraakmakers. (roughly translated into opinionmakers). Please brush up your Dutch and listen to

Blog Contributions

Every now and again I write something that moves me in the world or is of some concern. It is published at One attempt is writing up a book about experiences of my husband and me in the period he became ill with colon cancer. The series of articles can be found under the
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THE START of this year has already varied from confusing and worrying to promising. Let’s hope for a substantial end of Brexit discussions and decisive conclusions and no fake news and ‘black swans’.   Although the festive season is over, I’d like to share a warning from my favourite Editor of HCB being Peter  Mackay  It’s too good
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Bridging the gaps

The plan to construct an out of the ordinary bridge has been materialised. Please go to , my page on Facebook and other social media for more information. Husband Jaap and I were amongst the Rotterdammers who contributed to the materialisation of the bridge – called Luchtsingel (Air Canal) – and were present to open Luchtsingel
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