Rotterdam and its various sounds

Rotterdam had its international song festival live. It has been a relatively small scale event, because of the Corona/Covid pandemic. Anyhow, here still is a dynamic promotion video . It has attracted television watchers all over the world to my hometown Rotterdam. This live stream pictures the venue where it all happens And what about the performance of Dave van der Wal in Varièté Rosé still worthwhile to watch post-Eurovision Songfestival! Please go to

Rotterdam is more than meets the eye in and around the Eurovision Songfestival area. Here is the evidence:

And also: there is more to the port of Rotterdam than hard labour. It’s an innovative place and full of out of the ordinary sounds, such as these The reason why the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra collaborated for this project is simple: they have collaborated for tens of years. Please listen to this as well.

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