Janny Kok

Janny Kok is a household name in international maritime circles, particularly in special interest publications about anything maritime related issues. I’m a freelance journalist in Rotterdam. As such I can say I also know a thing or two about urban planning, architecture, industrial design and human interest stories, and love to write about these topics. Another pleasure is acting as co-host on congresses.

Janny's jab

Guess what! According to the Dutch look-alike NHS, I’m old enough to receive the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. That is exactly what has happened on 21st April 2021. The second jab is planned to be given on 27th May.

Business model Banks

It is no surprise that banks take care of their own profitability. The Dutch TV programme Radar recently focused on the way they do it: “make it hard to withdraw money of a dear deceased bank account. Even when you can do rightfully as a close relative.” Please go to the URL as mentioned below
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The optimistic planning has it that Rotterdam will have its international song festival live. It will be a small scale event, because of the Corona?Covid pandemic. Anyhow, here is a dynamic promotion video https://youtu.be/K253_MHt_9c to attract television watchers all over the world to my hometown Rotterdam. This live stream pictures the venue where it all
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In my practice, online speech coaching in English appears to be successful. Please go to these presentations https://www.superprof.com/this-out-the-ordinary-individual-speech-coach-english-goes-online-and-outside-rotterdam-methodology.html to learn more. My maritime knowledge has proven to be an added value in teaching.

Publications of Janny Kok

AN IDEA, a title and there you are: a publication in a national or regional daily, a special interest paper or a booklet. It is just an opinion about journalists, who are arrogant enough to write books the world is not particularly waiting for. I admit to being guilty of the charge. The exhibits in
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Rotterdam the city to come back to

A brief report about a tour around “Onboard Smaragd,  we appreciate networking. However, please allow us to tell something about the leading European port Rotterdam is”, I’ve told visiting delegates on board the special passenger’s vessel, adding “when we talk about the port, it is in terms of large, larger largest. It is about container
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The Dutch maritime industry was in focus on Dutch radio station NPO1 in the program Spraakmakers. (roughly translated into opinionmakers). Please brush up your Dutch and listen to https://www.nporadio1.nl/spraakmakers/onderwerpen/493749-waarom-denken-we-nog-steeds-dat-het-werk-in-de-haven-vies-en-zwaar-is-deel-1

Blog Contributions

Every now and again I write something that moves me in the world or is of some concern. It is published at the online webzine Rotterdam Vandaag & Morgen ( http://www.vandaagenmorgen.nl)and at harbourexpert.simplesite.com One attempt is writing up a book about the experiences of my husband and me in the period he became ill with
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THIS year has already offered varied news from being confused, worrying to promising. Let’s hope that the Covid virus in various variations will be finally beaten.  Brexit has definitely changed the connections between the UK and the Continent. The UK has become a Third Country in the terms of Customs on both sides. The results
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