April 2021

Janny's jab

Guess what! According to the Dutch look-alike NHS, I’m old enough to receive the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. That is exactly what has happened on 21st April 2021. The second jab was given on 27th May. Fortunately, more and more friends have joined the jab force against Covid 19 and other nasty Coronaviruses

Business model Banks

It is no surprise that banks take care of their own profitability. The Dutch TV programme Radar recently focused on the way they do it: “make it hard to withdraw money of a dear deceased bank account. Even when you can do rightfully as a close relative.” Please go to the URL as mentioned below
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Rotterdam had its international song festival live. It has been a relatively small scale event, because of the Corona/Covid pandemic. Anyhow, here still is a dynamic promotion video https://youtu.be/K253_MHt_9c . It has attracted television watchers all over the world to my hometown Rotterdam. This live stream pictures the venue where it all happens https://youtu.be/mPEbfp4fwEQ And
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