March 2018

Introducing a multi-tasking freelance journalist

FREELANCE journalist Janny Kok in Rotterdam is more or less well-known in the maritime cluster circles; particularly in international publications in special interest magazines about ports, maritime trade and industry and the logistics sector. Among them are UK-based publications, such as The Loadstar, HCB, and others when the old budget permits. Janny was told that her writing and expertise
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New assignments

Janny reads more than just the one daily and writes for more than only one special interest paper. She sympathises with Fokke & Sukke, who plead to be published. Please go to to learn more about these out of the ordinary birds and their creators. There are still relatively new publications who appreciate Janny’s
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Maritime female senior managers in action

  WISTA The Netherlands president Karin Orsel was elected WISTA International president, years ago. She stepped down early October 2017. That does not mean that she lives quietly behind the dikes up North the Netherlands. It’s a lady active for the good course of having Women @ the Helm and a tough lady at that!
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