Janny Kok

Janny Kok is a household name in international maritime circles, particularly in special interest publications about anything maritime related issues. I’m a freelance journalist in Rotterdam. As such I can say I also know a thing or two about urban planning, architecture, industrial design and human interest stories, and love to write about these topics. Another pleasure is acting as co-host on congresses.

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CASPER’S DREAM  “My dream is that I can say within 5 years: “I’ve really made a step forward in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. We’ve managed to turn it into a chronic disease and were able to postpone misery of quite a few patients for a long period of time. That is my dream, as
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Every now and again I write something that moves me in the world or is of some concern. It is published at harbourexpert.simplesite.com One attempt is writing up a book about experiences of my husband and me in the period he became ill with colon cancer. The series of articles can be found under the
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