Introducing a multi-tasking freelance journalist

FREELANCE journalist Janny Kok in Rotterdam is more or less well-known in the maritime cluster circles; particularly in international publications in special interest magazines about ports, maritime trade and industry, and the logistics sector. Recently she has been called the doyenne of the Dutch transport sector. How about that.

Among them are UK-based publications, such as The LoadstarHCB, and other special interest publications when the old budget permits of those who commission work. Janny was told that her writing and expertise was highly appreciated. American Grammarly confirmed this by stating “You were more accurate than 92% of Grammarly users”, and, ” You have a larger vocabulary than 83% of Grammarly users.” LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to find out more about the multitasking freelance and the things that keep her going. 

That could well be some creative work, such as making out of the ordinary necklaces or other handicraft work. Please see below.



Janny is always willing to learn, in this case from multitasking radio colleague Jacco van Giessen as shown at  

In this day and age, Janny’s profession requires some explanation. No, she does not file fake news and yes, she can be trusted.  She adds: “I’m a Rotterdammer with a hands-on mentality. unveils RTV Rijnmond footage of a mixture of journalistic work and a kind of campaigning for a swift reopening of theTuindorp Vreewijk community centre De Brink. I also contributed to a book about 100 years of De Brink. Quite a story about a remarkable community centre.

My performance as a city guide

IT’S a well-known fact: when doing business or attending a conference in a city abroad, the only things a person sees are the interior of a hotel, a meeting room or a conference room. At best there is time for some networking and a good dinner with business relations after which it goes straight to the airport and further down home. Rotterdam may well become home from home and that is what I’ve told international delegates on a brief trip on board river party boat Smaragd


And further news from Janny: “Former Port physician Willem den Hoed asked me to do PR work for the Stichting Daniel den Hoed; the foundation that preserves the medical heritage of his father, cancer specialist Daniel den Hoed.” Together with his mother, Doctor Daniel den Hoed did outstanding research on treatment of cancer. Find out more about the foundation on


There is more in the footage, pictures and what not. Here are some Rotterdam sounds for all to hear as well. 

 Vreewijk, naturally

and as broadcasted on RTV Rijnmond years ago  . . . .

Back and then again onto the future

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