The past two years offered varied news from being confused and worrying to promising. Let’s hope that the Covid virus in various variations will be finally beaten. 

IT is a fact that our lives have changed from real meetings to live streams and some 1.5 metres distancing. Cultural life has dramatically changed. As is, there is some hope that we can come back to normality. The poet Jana Beranová proves that performance art cannot be beaten. There is even a prize in her name. Please find virtually out yourself(in Dutch) at Woordnacht https://youtu.be/TNQYulC4jKI 

Another issue is Brexit. The invention of the so-called Brexiteers in Britain has definitely changed the connections between the UK and the Continent. The UK has become a Third Country in the terms of Customs on both sides. The results are administrative effects that hamper trading and import and export. Then there is the matter ofo fake news and ‘black swans’ about Brexit and Covid regulations limiting travelling to the UK and elsewhere in Europe and beyond.  The motto Upwards and Onwards has to be unchanged.  

The latest is the war Russian President Putin unleashed in Ukraine. Our hearts go out to all who were dragged into a war they never wanted. 

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