Janny ready to support conference keynote speakers

header_havencongres_rotterdam_2015Janny is ready to support Dutch keynote speakers who are not sure about their

command of English, although their knowledge of the language is fairly good. She is also available for assignments to co-hosting conferences. Janny’s proven performance was noticed at some seminars about sharing valuable information for the benefit of the port community, Havencongres Rotterdam, and at the so-called Lijstduwers Debate.

Janny has done the trick at a sequence of annual Haven congresses in Rotterdam. All this in the act of roving reporter in the conference room and later during the intervals at which she invited delegates to speak their mind on camera. In the process, she found that presentation support of keynote speakers may be welcome for those who feel uncomfortable speaking before an audience.

Please click on www.havencongres.nl and https://www.youtube.com/jannykok  and https://nl.superprof.com/  for further information.

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