I’ve spoken my mind (in Dutch) on various occasions about proper journalism. Journalists are accused of publishing ‘fake news’. The counterparts can be accused of provoking that when they don’t respond to queries in order to get the full story. I’ve found that more and more.. As it is, I contnue working to the best
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Introducing a multi-tasking freelance journalist Rotterdam

Beware: this is just a summary of Janny Kok’s activities.  FREELANCE journalist Janny Kok in Rotterdam is more or less well-known in the maritime cluster circles.  Being interested in everything under the sun, I cover virtually everything. It is shown in various international publications, input to radio and TV networks, and production companies. Please hear
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Rotterdam the city to come back to

A brief report about a tour aroundand also pictures of a daredevil on a tightrope walker https://twitter.com/JulietteReukema/status/1556943439912206343?s=20&t=dzaWymBVt-3CP1o66MwAhQ This is an impression of what’s going on during events and onboard ship: please go to https://youtu.be/11H96iiv4Lw and https://youtu.be/5FpCx0UEaBI or to my report as a true Rotterdammer as can be read below. “Onboard Smaragd,  we appreciate networking. However,
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The Dutch maritime industry was in focus on Dutch radio station NPO1 in the program Spraakmakers. (roughly translated into opinionmakers). Please brush up your Dutch and listen to https://www.nporadio1.nl/spraakmakers/onderwerpen/493749-waarom-denken-we-nog-steeds-dat-het-werk-in-de-haven-vies-en-zwaar-is-deel-1 It could well be that you have to go to https://www.nporadio1.nl/spraakmakers to explore.